Children's ministry

Children keep our church life vibrant, colourful and energetic!


At Northwest Anglican we are committed to creating a space where our young ones feel loved, welcome and safe to ponder and ask the difficult questions about life and faith.

We meet together each Sunday to share about the week that’s gone, to pray together and to discover more of who God is through the Bible. Children’s ministry isn’t just about having something for the kids to do – it’s about teaching and equipping them with a faith that can journey through the storms and sunrises of life, knowing they can trust in God. We welcome newcomers any time and pray that you will feel a sense of belonging to our community!

Our children’s programme run during our Sunday morning service – we begin our worship as a whole church family, before praying for the children as they head to their various sessions.

Our children’s ministry is split into three groups to cater to different age groups: