Environmental Policy

Environmental policy

As a local church we aim to exercise environmental stewardship that adheres to the fifth mark of mission of the Anglican Communion which is “to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and to sustain and renew the life of the earth.”


We will take environmental concerns into account in all aspects of our church mission and ministry seeking to reduce waste, reuse, recycle and rejuvenate as we are able.


  1. Disposable plates and cutlery will not be used at church events unless unavoidable. Where necessary, only plant-based biodegradable materials will be used.
  2. Food scraps from kitchens will be collected and taken home to put in council food bins.
  3. Recyclable soft plastics will be collected to put in community collection bins.
  4. Used non-rechargeable batteries will be collected for recycling at community-based collection points.
  5. E-waste will be collected to be recycled through community collection drives.
  6. Other recyclable materials will be put in council bins.
  7. We will consider products that we purchase to seek ethical/fair-trade suppliers.
  8. We will investigate how we can use church land to increase food supply for our community, green space for our community and biodiversity on our land.
  9. All church space users will be given our policy with their contract and be expected to adhere to our objectives.
  10. Vestry will look to appoint a sustainability champion who will gather a team to implement policy and to access diocesan resources for education and communication.
  11. This policy will be regularly communicated to church users and church members.
  12. We will continue to regularly review our activities and actions to increasingly meet our objectives.