Rummaging in the week for God

Rummaging in the Week for God

We recognise that life during the lockdown may feel very slow and therefore having intentional time where we are still and become aware of God’s presence will strengthen us in this season. ‘Rummaging in the Week for God’ is just that. It is a midweek bible study and examen that is designed to offer you a space to meet with God. Scripture, a reflection, some questions and an examen (a Christian reflective practice) will be a part of this. This can be worked through by yourself or with those in your household.

We have created two versions, an A4 copy for those who may like to print it, and a copy which has been formatted as landscape widescreen pages that can be easily casted on to your TV or used on your laptop/computer.

Feel free to share with others who may be in need of God’s presence at this time, kia kaha.

Wednesday 1 April

Printable version Slides version

Wednesday 25 March

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