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Keeping our church connected

The church has always carried the idea of being scattered into the world to love, serve, worship and be, and then gather together to replenish and worship, and love and serve the church community. 

We are re-imagining how we ‘do’ church are challenged to think about how we ‘be’ church.  Ways you can stay connected with us:

  • Gather together at either our Wednesday service at 10am or Sunday 430pm service.
  • Utilise our midweek bible study on your own or in a group – Rummaging in the Week for God
  • Our home worship resource Whare Karakia will continue to be available – Whare Karakia
  • If you aren’t already connected with our church facebook group, now would be a good time to do so. Here you will be able to share what it’s been like as you reflect and worship each week.
  • We send out a weekly newsletter, if you would like to subscribe please email

Our response to Covid-19 Whare Karakia resource

Stay connected