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Keeping our church connected

The church has always carried the idea of being scattered into the world to love, serve, worship and be, and then gather together to replenish and worship, and love and serve the church community.  With this current viral threat, gathering together has become much harder – but hey, we can do this!

We are re-imagining how we ‘do’ church are challenged to think about how we ‘be’ church.  Things are changing constantly but here are a few things I can encourage us to engage with. We will add to these ideas over time.

  • I invite us all to set a routine of ‘worshipping together’ on Sundays at 10am – in your lounge or your garden for example, and with or without others. God is with you and we are all together in heart.
  • We will provide you with a guideline for our time together – it will have some prayers, maybe some links to videos or songs, and a reflection, suitable for children as well. Whare Karakia (downloadable resources provided each week in time for Sunday) are available here.
  • If you aren’t already connected with our church facebook group, now would be a good time to do so. Here you will be able to share what it’s been like as you reflect and worship each week.

So, for Sunday mornings until further notice, grab a coffee or tea, your bible, and pen and paper or journal and let’s take this crazy, different, church ride together.

Haere mai ki te karakia

Learne McGrath, 

Our response to Covid-19 Whare Karakia resource

A couple of other things…

Worship and prayer for the building project and our current crisis

This event has been cancelled.
Feel free to light of a candle of hope in solidarity with others at your home at 7pm.

Retreat Quiet Day


This event has been cancelled.

April 4, 9.30am start
Sign up and spend the day in quiet reflection – come away from this craziness. Register by contacting the church office.