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Rev'd Learne McGrath Rev'd Learne McGrath

Rev'd Learne McGrath

Our Vicar, Learne, is an auskiwi who has lived in NZ for over 30 years now. She loves seeing people grow in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. She enjoys reading, playing board games, cooking, birds and all aspects of God’s creation.

Rev'd Paul Gravelle

Rev'd Paul Gravelle

Paul and his wife Janice have been here for many years. They love Jesus, op shops and garage sales.

Rev'd Lyn Pushong

Rev'd Lyn Pushong

Lyn’s role is supporting our developing ministry at the northern end of our parish at Hobsonville and the Point. Among other things Lyn leads a Communion Service at Summerset and offers pastoral care in that place.

Rev'd Dan Conolly Rev'd Dan Conolly

Rev'd Dan Conolly

Dan works half time and his role includes oversight of Music Worship ministry. He and Becs have two beautiful girls, Aberdeen and Skye.

Rev'd Becs Conolly Rev'd Becs Conolly

Rev'd Becs Conolly

Becs works half time and her role includes oversight of Children and Families Ministry. As Deacons, both Dan and Becs are involved in preaching, service planning and pastoral care.

Rev'd Robyn Fasi Rev'd Robyn Fasi

Rev'd Robyn Fasi

Robyn oversees all of our churches community Ministries: Christians Against Poverty, elderly folk in the community, food sharing and many other aspects.

Jeremy Harris Jeremy Harris

Jeremy Harris

Jeremy is our Youth and Young Adults Pastor.

Val Brim

Val Brim

Val is involved with Adult Education and manages the Alpha courses and team training.

Melody Skeens Melody Skeens

Melody Skeens

Mel is our Office Administrator and also does administrative work for our Building Project Fundraising.

Katie Rickson Katie Rickson

Katie Rickson

Katie is our Finance Administrator.


Vestry is responsible for managing our church resources and finances. Our vestry is elected at our Annual General Meeting.

The current vestry is: Phil Bexley (People’s Warden), Chris Clark (Vicar’s Warden), Samara Strugnell, Daniel MacDonald, Robyn Fasi and Helen King. David Prendergast and Katy Bexley are our Lay Synod Reps.


Philip Bexley

Philip Bexley

Philip is our People's Warden.

Chris Clark

Chris Clark

Chris is our Vicar's Warden.


You can get in touch with any of our team via the Church Office.

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